The Big Pitch

Excitement is brewing in the Columbus team!!! Our Business Plan was submitted on 31st July, and we are now entering the final phase of the NISP 25k Awards for 2013. Work has started on preparing the Big Pitch, which will be delivered to the judging panel on Tuesday 10th September.

This is our opportunity to take our Business Plan, and bring it to life, to really engage the judges and get them excited about our venture. We’re discussing several ways to communicate the excitement we have for our offering through multimedia, story-telling, and creating a vision of the future. All set against the reality of what we believe is a huge business opportunity.

So, it all comes down to a 15-minute pitch and trying to share the vision. Then we can relax and look forward to the Awards Dinner on Thursday 26th September, when we find out whether we have done enough to win our category, and the overall competition!

Details of the Awards Dinner can be found here.


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