In the hands of the gods (well, the judges, at any rate!)

So, the 25k Awards competition is drawing to a close. Having created our initial entry, delivered a 3-minute Quick Pitch to a public audience, and written a detailed 25-page Business Plan, the final stage of the competition this week was to deliver a 15-minute Big Pitch to the judging panel, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. The team spent some time on Monday finalising the pitch, including the addition of some time lapse video which perfectly illustrated one of the problems we are trying to solve – the time wasted every day by people waiting at bus stops!

On Tuesday morning, we finalised our thinking on some of the tricky questions that the judging panel might throw at us, an exercise that turned out to be extremely valuable!! Then, just after lunchtime, it was time for the Big Pitch. 15 slides in 15 minutes to tell the story of Columbus so far, and then some interesting questions from the panel, most of which related to the areas we had discussed that morning. We were well-prepared, and the questions were fielded well by different members of the team.

So, it’s now all in the hands of the gods. We face massive competition in our own Digital Media and Software category from fellow ECIT venture Liopa, who have developed a new mobile biometric authentication solution which could see the end of traditional passwords. Whoever wins the category also faces serious competition from the other categories (Bio Tech, Clean Tech and High Tech), and whoever wins the overall competition will have done a wonderful job, and can truly claim to be The Next Big Thing!!

And a wee pic below taken at the start of our pitch….


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